Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Summer... the Charles W. Cushman way

These photos by the wonderous Charles W. Cushman make me want summertime over here in good ole Blighty to hurry up and arrive properly!! He's a fantastic photographer if you ever get chance to look at some of his pictures do.

Description: Stewardess of American Airlines takes in a tan on Lake Michigan Shore
Date: Jun. 17, 1941

Description: Sun bather Promontory rocks
Date: Jun. 26, 1941

Description: United Air Lines Stewardess JoCrawford
Date: Sep. 6, 1945

Aren't his photos just wonderful!? <3


  1. love the pictures!!

    hurry up summer! we've been waiting long enough now!

    So how did you come across the pictures? Really like them and would like to find out more :)

    much love


  2. Well i dont actually remembe as it was a few years back and think i was just persuing some vintage photos online and came across some of his work and then looked further into it. He has photographed all over the world and his entire archive was posted on the web in 2003 and has spread somewhat since then.

    You can find his work here kitten:

    There really is a lot of good stuff. xx

  3. The vintage swimsuits are divine! The first is my absolute favourite!

    Lost in the Haze

  4. Lovely vintage pics.. and lovely blog as well! Now following..


  5. Hello! How wonderful! :) I love how in the last image, the wee white sail boat is floating by her elbow, on the vast deep blue sea! :) Zoë x

  6. reminds me of how much I love summer! Wonderful pictures :)