Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Summer... the Charles W. Cushman way

These photos by the wonderous Charles W. Cushman make me want summertime over here in good ole Blighty to hurry up and arrive properly!! He's a fantastic photographer if you ever get chance to look at some of his pictures do.

Description: Stewardess of American Airlines takes in a tan on Lake Michigan Shore
Date: Jun. 17, 1941

Description: Sun bather Promontory rocks
Date: Jun. 26, 1941

Description: United Air Lines Stewardess JoCrawford
Date: Sep. 6, 1945

Aren't his photos just wonderful!? <3

Thursday, 2 June 2011

New lucite purse=yummy

I got a fantastic new pale blue lucite purse... eeep and it's glittery. too excitable. Also got a bargain Shaheen playsuit on the way that i found on Etsy for a good bargain of £65, which is very good for vintage Shaheen, and i totally fell in love and had to have it. Will post pics when it arrives but for now..............

Can not wait to take this out one evening. <3

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Amazing marbled bakelite bracelet bargain

I got these little beauties from ebay last week for only £30!!! That makes each one only £6. Bargain hey. I adore bakelite, and am always on the lookout for bargains, especially the deep carved ones which usually cost a bomb!

 Got my little beady eyes on these too:

 Only on £24 at the moment with a day left and also:

Only £9.41 with a day left. Methinks i will be doing some sunday bidding, but they do usually go up a fair bit in the last minutes, but gotta hope for a bargain.
Oh i do love a bit of bakelite yummies.

First Post Hello

Well hey there, seen as this is my first post i will introduce myself briefly.
This be me:
Well 'tis me and my grandad actually. Anyways my blog will just be about lots of the things i like and enjoy so if you stop by my little ole' blog ever then thanks in advance and i hope you enjoy. Im sure you will see many of my guilty little pleasures and things i dream of on a lazy sunday, including much bakelite, lucite, 40s and 50s vintage, along the way.

Basically i just love collecting stuff, houseware, clothes, records, accessories, books, allsorts really. Quite materialistic yes, but i love to be surrounded by all my little gems. I love vintage especially 40s and 50s but also some repro stuff is quite good too. So i guess i will begin my blogland journey now....