Saturday, 28 May 2011

Amazing marbled bakelite bracelet bargain

I got these little beauties from ebay last week for only £30!!! That makes each one only £6. Bargain hey. I adore bakelite, and am always on the lookout for bargains, especially the deep carved ones which usually cost a bomb!

 Got my little beady eyes on these too:

 Only on £24 at the moment with a day left and also:

Only £9.41 with a day left. Methinks i will be doing some sunday bidding, but they do usually go up a fair bit in the last minutes, but gotta hope for a bargain.
Oh i do love a bit of bakelite yummies.


  1. Hello :) lovely blog. Those do look smashing. I am a clumsy clutz so would probably break them! I will follow you as soon as blogger lets me (not another outage, surely??) x

  2. awww thanks doll. I haven't a clue why it wont let you!? I am fairly new to all this, but have been reading some blogs for a while. Always lovely to find more vintage dames in the UK i must say, and your blue colour raspberry flavour thing made me laugh. xx

  3. oh it doesnt let me follow or comment on your blog either, i guess there is definately a problemo with blogland again then.

  4. Serious bargain! Well done - I love those colours!

  5. I got a bangle like the last one but in cream for sale in my shop. I'm willing to take an offer. ;)