Saturday, 28 May 2011

First Post Hello

Well hey there, seen as this is my first post i will introduce myself briefly.
This be me:
Well 'tis me and my grandad actually. Anyways my blog will just be about lots of the things i like and enjoy so if you stop by my little ole' blog ever then thanks in advance and i hope you enjoy. Im sure you will see many of my guilty little pleasures and things i dream of on a lazy sunday, including much bakelite, lucite, 40s and 50s vintage, along the way.

Basically i just love collecting stuff, houseware, clothes, records, accessories, books, allsorts really. Quite materialistic yes, but i love to be surrounded by all my little gems. I love vintage especially 40s and 50s but also some repro stuff is quite good too. So i guess i will begin my blogland journey now....


  1. Hello and welcome to blog-land! Beautiful blog you've got here! Thank you for commenting on mine! Off to follow you now! xo

  2. Another welcome to blog land! Lovely start - look forward to reading! :)